Monday, December 15, 2008

Bible Students, a house divided As Are Jehovahs Witnesses

How Many Times Can Jehovah Be Wrong?
So many dates and predictions so many errors by his faithful and discrete slave,
When Rutherford contradicted Russell about the Pyramid Of Giza...
that proved that Jehovah's Witnesses were NOT directed by almighty God.
When the dates 1874,1914,1925,1975 failed they were proven as false profits.

1st Russell
2nd Rutherford

TWO dates stand out prominently in the minds of Bible Students enlightened by present truth. These are 1874 and 1914. More then a century and 1/4 has passed since 1874, and almost a century since 1914. Because of this passing of so many years beyond the time when it was supposed our hopes would be fully realized, the brethren are naturally concerned as to the meaning of this long delay. Various views are being expressed as to what developments there actually have been in the divine plan during this unexpectedly long end-of-the-age period, and what aspects of the divine plan still remain to be fulfilled.

Both Disagreed on Giza

The founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell, also believed in pyramidology. He used it to supplement the Scriptures in predicting Christ's return. After Russell's death, Judge Rutherford took over their organization. He didn't care for pyramidology and moved the main body of Witnesses to reject it. This led to splits within their church.

[In 1928] Rutherford...openly condemned resorting to non-biblical sources in the attempt to discover the will and plan of God. He specifically mentioned the Great Pyramid as an example. This provoked violent criticism from older members of the movement who had grown up under Russell's teaching and many of them withdrew (Charles S. Braden, These Also Believe, New York: Macmillan, 1949, 362. See also Edward Charles Gruss, Apostles of Denial, Grand Rapids: Baker, 1978, 61-2).

23720 Child Molesters Known At Brooklyn Bethel

1 out of every 260 JW's is a child molester

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Watchtower world is the deliberate
tolerance of sexual predators within "Jehovah's organization". Despite their denial,
Jehovah's Witnesses are trapped in an organization which tolerates disgusting and
deplorable behavior. I'd like to introduce myself before we start discussing this issue
of pedophilia
My name is Mark H. Palo and I am a former Jehovah's Witness of almost
forty years. Twice I have been a victim of pedophile molestations at the hands of two
different Jehovah's Witnesses.
that is rampant amongst the religious group known as Jehovah's
I was between the age of ten and twelve years old. My
molesters where never caught or punished. Presently I am fifty-seven years old and
hold an associates degree in Human Services and am attending The University of
Massachusetts, Lowell, majoring in psycho/sociology. I hold a 3.8 GPA and hold
high honors by being accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa Society. At this time I work
at a Substance Abuse Clinic as a Consumer Advocate. My job is to see that all the
clients are given fair and timely treatment. I handle client issues, concerns, and work
to attain their city, state and federal benefits.

Read Marks Story Here

“All who cut loose from the Society and its work, instead of prospering themselves or upbuilding others in the faith and in the graces of the spirit, seemingly do the reverse—attempt injury to the Cause they once served, and, with more or less noise, gradually sink into oblivion, harming only themselves and others possessed of a similarly contentious spirit. . . .

If some think that they can get as good or better provender at other tables, or that they can produce as good or better themselves—let these take their course. . . .

But while we are willing that others should go anywhere and everywhere to find food and light to their satisfaction, strange to say, those who become our opponents take a very different course. Instead of saying in the manly fashion of the world, ‘I have found something which I prefer; goodbye!’ these manifest anger, malice, hatred, strife, ‘works of the flesh and of the devil’ such as we have never known worldly people to exhibit.

They seem inoculated with madness, Satanic hydrophobia [rabies]. Some of them smite us and then claim that we did the smiting. They are ready to say and write contemptible falsities and to stoop to do meanness.”

"It appears that in 1966 the Dawn Bible Students Association published a small booklet that caused divisions within the Bible Student ranks, however divisions and infighting are nothing new with the "so called" Bride of Christ. The Dawn Bible Students tried to show that not all of Pastor Russell’s views were correct, but other would not hear of it, because they view Pastor Russell as The Faithful and Wise Servant, The Laodicean Messenger, and The Man with the Secretary’s Ink Horn. Even today, many Bible Students wish that this little booklet would just go away."

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