Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolution and Message To My Daughter

"Hope Is Not A Strategy" D. Trump

There are 5 steps to achieving your goals

#1 Set A Goal - This is your ultimate projection of a self fulfilling prophecy

#2 Crystallize Your Thoughts In Writing Your Goals

#3 Develop a plan of action for each goal step by step

#4 Develop the desire for the goals (get into motion=emotion)

#5 Have the determination to stay with the plan,

And create these goals regardless of other peoples opinions.
or any circumstances you find yourself in, Its a mindset and you are stuck in it.

Note :If you are not now making the progressing
that you expected in life
then you must change something.

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again a "loop" yet expecting different results?
Definition Of InSanity( paraphrased)

Be careful what you wish and hope for, You Will surely Achieve It, with positive self projection as
Paul J Meyer teaches
You can reverse the tide that has engulfed you and left you with only fragmented and frustrated dreams. For some, it may require only an adjustment or two that starts the ball rolling their way. For others, there could be a number of areas that need revamping.

The dangerous belief system that is keeping you stuck

Many people are unconsciously walking around with a belief system that is literally making it impossible for them to succeed! They’ve absorbed these beliefs without even realizing it and they’ve based all their decisions on them. As a result, these hidden, below the surface beliefs have taken a negative control over their destiny!

I know most people are really trying hard. They’re not lazy or without talent, nor do they lack the desire to get ahead. But no matter how much they try, they keep coming up short.

The fact is, you cannot get different results by doing the same things over and over again. Expecting different results from what didn’t work the first time … will not work this time!
Paul J Meyer

Huge changes awaits you and
your vision must involve huge changes

Pieces of the plan falling into place and now are reviewed and renewed for the coming year 2009.

After again assessing all my options in life, I determined that my daughter and son are both spawns of some evil force that bring old baggage, unresolved issues, anger and resentment and hate for me.

The daughter weaseled herself back into my will and life this past year only to repeat her evil wicked hateful behavior as a repeat Year End performance. She spent 3 days with her older brother who re-infected her with his hate , and unhappiness. This 3 day resurrection of hate surfaced as an attack on me when she sent me the most hateful email . She loaded up with all the gifts we poured out on her and her new baby at his 1st birthday and this past Xmas family dinner, then sent the XMAS gift email BOMB. She has always been a disappointment, I believe her learning disability or bi-polar brain causes her to lash out at those close to her. I'm number 3 in a line of fire during her pregnant hormone induced rage.

1st her grandfather was subjected to her hate, he chose NOT to attend our XMAS dinner. Next was her new mother-in-law a wheelchair bound sad woman who lost a son to cancer then a car accident, stricken with MS,abandoned by her husband and now attacked for being a concerned grandmother on the issue of baby Lucas being christened. My daughter is a Non believer who s son is destined for a life without Christs ransom sacrifice for her son, and no hope for the future, accept Darwin.

What appeared to be a turn around for the better during 2008 has proven to be a non starter for a longer term - life of happiness. Her selfish self centered vile demonic influence has risen to the surface again and I was the target of her unleashed hormonal hate and vile words. So far all I have had is disappointment from my Son and my daughter. They are spawns of some evil force. They don't fit my namesake family's view of how to treat one another. They are nothing like me and my family.

It s obvious that she was only looking for "Perks" as she likes to call gifts, attention for herself and her new born baby (now 1yr), and her idea that she deserves worship and sacrifice for her and her new baby who just turned 1 year in Dec 2008.

So I'm still on track toward a better life away from the cold Canadian winters. In December I was in Las Vegas and it was a great break from the cold. My long term goal is to live in a warm climate i.e. Mexico, Florida and return to Canada for 6 warmest mths each year. A Snow Bird.

So once again I took them out of "My Will" December 2008
Reasons? The disrespect and hate shown me during my years leading up to this ,
They have been nothing less then shameful, I'm ashamed of both of them.

Just shameful

An obvious defect from the 23 chromosomes offered up by their evil mother.

I'm ashamed of both of You :-(


Your Actions Can Be adequately explained in red

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

I will not allow you to infect my life with your poisonous venom any longer.

At this point of the journey you are dead to me,

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