Thursday, April 23, 2009

Born To Be Mild...My Latest Adventure I Bought An E-Bike LOL

Born To Be Mild

No License, No Registration, No Road Test No Insurance and No Gas
Fun to drive, runs on electricity (charge overnight in my garage)

Let's have a quick look at the raw specs:
  • Motor Power 500W
  • Working Style Throttle control
  • Wheel Size 3.0" x 16
  • Battery 48V 20AH Sealed lead acid
  • Body Size 169 x 39 x 109 cm
  • Seat Height 75 cm (29")
  • Net Weight 36 kg w/o battery and 72 kg w/ battery
  • Carton Weight 80 kgs
  • Loading capacity 150 kg
  • Max Speed 32 km/h
  • Run distance Up to 50 kms.
  • Torque 32-55 Nm
  • Climbing Angle 12-15 Degrees
  • Charging Time 3-8 hours (pennies per charge)
  • Charger Input AC 100 – 240V, Output DC 48V, BM-online
  • Battery Life 300 charges
  • Colours: Red/White and Blue/White

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