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When the door bell rang...

Jehovah's Witnesses Came Calling With The Watchtower and Awake Magazine

Where it all started (above)
The Watchtower Society misprophesied that the world would end in 1914. In this photo Charles Taze Russell, Joseph Rutherford and others of Watchtower's main heads along with family members are on the Mount Of Olives in Jerusalem. Why? Because they believed Christ was about to return and start resurrecting people there. They wanted to be present for the resurrection and hoped to go on up to heaven. If they had read the Bible better and been more honest to themselves and other people, they would have known that Christ says nobody knows when the end will come except for the Father.

And today more slaves

What do you say when they come knocking?

Listen To Frederick Franz President Talk About 1975
Franz can be heard in the you-tube clips below as he confirms 1975 as the date that would see the end of the world and the start of the resurrection into a paradise reign of Christ for 1000 years, this is in one of his convention keynote addresses at an international convention. Watch and don't allow JW's to tell you that they never said it, and that the over zealous emotional flock distorted what was said about 1975.
Listen to the words of Frederick Franz in 1966-1967
( became the President years after in 1977 )

On Saturday December 11 2010... Jehovah's Witnesses were on my doorstep

So this time I decided to have a talk with them, the 2 men both looked like they could handle themselves.

So I asked them how they could claim being guided by the holy spirit when the holy spirit picked false prophets?

The first 5 Presidents of their organization, all five predicted wrong dates or significantly changed the interpretations because they ran out of time for the predication to come true.

1874 The Flock Goes To Heaven - Charles Taze Russell
1914 The Followers Go To Heaven WW1 Is End Of The World-Charles Taze Russell
1925 The End Of The World Resurrection -Princes To Paradise - Joseph Franklin Rutherford
1975 The end of 6000 Years- Nathan Knorr and Frederick Franz

The first false prophet was the founder CT Russell predicted the end of the world in 1874 and 1914. ( part of the Scottish Russells all masons by the way)

He was a pyramidologist . He was the person who talked Pyramidology the best in writings and appearances. His charts would project time thru the shafts Jewish slaves built in the pyramids of Egypt. The time channel from the exodus of the Jews from Egypt Thru to 1914.

Now that's an elaborate story and the believers held firm to the beliefs from 1870's to 1916. And CT Russell wrote plenty of books and articles about his pyramidology chronology.
Russell Blood Line and Illuminati Connection

When all his brothers and sisters did not fly up into heaven as he predicted he died a broken man and the organization drifted aimlessly until Rutherford seized it!

CT Russell vanished, he died Halloween night Oct 31, 1916!

Jan 17 1917, less then 3 mths Rutherford took over the control

Wikipedia states:

After Russell's death, a leadership crisis arose surrounding the new president of the Society, Joseph Rutherford, resulting in a movement-wide schism. As many as three-quarters of the approximately 50,000[11] Bible Students who had been associating in 1917 had left by 1931,[12] resulting in the formation of several groups that retained variations on the name Bible Students. Those who maintained fellowship with the Watch Tower Society adopted the name Jehovah's witnesses in 1931, while those who severed ties with the Society formed their own groups including the Pastoral Bible Institute in 1918, the Layman's Home Missionary Movement in 1919, and the Dawn Bible Students Association in 1929.

CT Russell beliefs and writings were scrapped by JF Rutherford the 2nd President of the WTB+TS.

The Watchtower Bible And Track Society WTB+TS, was controlled by Judge JF Rutherford who completely reversed the CT Russell belief that GOD had the pyramid of Giza built as a Stone Witness, a monument used by Jehovah God as a permanent Prophetic Calendar built by
Jewish slaves.

Rutherford stated that the chronology that CT Russell taught about the Pyramid of Giza were the works of Satan not God. God would not use slaves to build the Pyramid, it was of the Devils work. Now that's a complete reversal of ALL the major beliefs of CT Russell.

And instantly a new religion was born in the years JF Rutherford

There are some incredible stories about him whining about Prohibition , he loved the spirits you can count on that. But is alcohol the spirit that was guiding Rutherford or some other devil that transforms himself into an angel of light,

"He was good at quoting scriptures. He also drank and was said to often be drunk. During Prohibition he had alcohol smuggled by truck across from Canada into a room in Brooklyn. Edmund Gruss and others have noted that Nathan Knorr, the next Watchtower President, may have assisted or directed in getting the liquor to Rutherford." Source

Interesting that both Russell and Rutherford had roots back to Scotland,
Rutherford and six other Watch Tower executives were imprisoned in 1918 after charges were laid over the publication of The Finished Mystery, a book deemed "seditious" for its anti-war comments.[3]

Now Rutherford had a problem...2 failed prophesies of the 1st President CT Russell ,
Funny thing but these two men never agreed on the WTB+TS fundemental beliefs

Rutherford knew he had to make some fast maneuvers make a big prophetic move, to keep this business of publishing going strong, after all the founder is dead after false prophesies. And that he did. He scraped all the books CT Russell used authored...

JFR saw this huge publishing business 1916 with a committed list of 200,000 followers not just readers but religious zealots who he could marshal to protest the Catholic Church and others with placards. Stand on street corners, and go from house to house preaching salvation the the Watchtower.

Rutherford introduced many organizational and doctrinal changes that helped shape the beliefs and practices of Jehovah's Witnesses.[4][5] He imposed a centralized administrative structure on the worldwide Bible Student movement, which he later called a theocracy, requiring all members of the religion to distribute literature and preach door to door and provide regular reports of their activity.[6][7]

He also instituted public speaking training programs as part of their weekly worship meetings. He established 1914 as the date of Christ's invisible return, asserted that Christ died on a tree rather than a cross,[8][9] formulated the current Witness concept of Armageddon as God's war on the wicked, and reinforced the belief that the start of Christ's millennial reign was imminent.

He directed that adherents not observe traditional celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays, salute national flags or sing national anthems. He introduced the name "Jehovah's witnesses" in 1931 and the term "Kingdom Hall" for houses of worship in 1935.[10]

He wrote twenty-one books and was credited by the Society in 1942 with the distribution of almost 400 million books and booklets.[11] The number of adherents increased more than sixfold during Rutherford's 25 years as president.[12][13]

From Rutherfords point of view as the Legal counsel to the President who just died, leaving the Highest Ranking employee of WTB&TS to continue the work to the end of the world, which Rutherford would decide was 1925. He seized the corporation by disposing of the board of directors in a legal move and had them ousted. Leaving him in total control to pick his own board.'s_Witnesses

Yes...Rutherford 2nd President stole the religion and made it his own , it should have been called Joes Witnessess. He was use to a court of law, and he constructed this storyline that there was a universal court case in which each human would be judged according to God's exacting policies. and each of Joe's Witnessess would go from street corner to street corner and house to house as Watchtower slaves, and sell his books and magazines. a Publishing Genius using slaves!

Being a prince upon earth, Rutherford had the most regal of cars for his time - a 16 cylinder Cadillac. Actually he kept on hand not one but two of them. Supposedly they were for King David and other "Ancient Worthies" but in fact Rutherford used them while waiting for thos Princes to be resurrected. (Sharp Legal Mind)

"Rutherford often flew from the East Coast to California where he resided in his mansion named Beth Sarim that few of the mostly poor rank-and-file Jehovah's Witnesses knew anything about. A second mansion in California was Beth Shan. Supposedly the mansions (as with the Cadillacs) were for Ancient Worthies like Abraham and David who would return someday, but Rutherford and his intimates actually used them." Source

Beth Sarim (Hebrew for 'House of the Princes') was a ten-bedroom mansion in San Diego,California, constructed in 1929 in anticipation of various resurrected Old Testament biblical patriarchs or prophets such as Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah and Samuel. It was maintained by the Watch Tower Society, the parent organization used by Jehovah's Witnesses, and was also used as a winter home and executive office for Watch Tower president Joseph Franklin Rutherford.

Judge Rutherford pointed out that the ancient witnesses or princes were promised an earthly resurrection by the Lord. In that year 1920 he delivered a public address at Los Angeles, California, entitled 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die,' in which he called attention to the expectations of the return of the men above mentioned. All the publications since emphasize the same fact. It therefore appears that the return of the princes is a fundamental teaching of the Scriptures.

Rutherford ever the legal genius, deeded the mansion to the Princes of the earth ,
This sharp legal arrangement from the mind of a judge... demonstrates how to live in a mansion, purchased by the church and never pay taxes, and never be accused of using religion for personal wealth.

He simply deeded the house to the Princes of the Earth who were to be resurrected in 1925. And he would live in the house till the Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah and Samuel were resurrected 1925.

1925 came and went and he was wrong ... so are you counting thats 3 errors!

Three (3) serious error between 1874-1925 between the 2 Presidents/False Prophets
and there are still more false predictions to go. 1975 and 1994 change in the reference to the "Generation"

And whats more...They believe that they will live on earth in Paradise and NOT go to Heaven unless you were born before 1935.

The Great Crowd , or other sheep would not be part of the "small flock" going to Heaven,
the special remnant the faithful and wise steward that remained on the earth to give meat in due season.

Luke 12:42 And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season? 43 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

My those people are now 96-97 years of age? Most who were alive in 1915 must be dead?

Yet the JW's keep reporting Memorial Numbers each year and funny thing there has been no change in the number of people that believe they are in this little flock.

30 years of no drop in memorial partakers. It seems that more and more people are replacing the little flock as they all die off. Hmmm? Seems strange that there is virtually no change in 30 years of memorials. - Jehovah's Witnesses meet on April 9, 2009 to observe the memorial of Jesus' death. Why do increasing numbers of Witnesses claim the heavenly calling on this date, in spite of Watchtower teaching?

Franz claimed to be able to translate from Hebrew To English, but in truth he failed to do so in a court of law in a trial in Scotland,

Life everlasting in freedom of the sons of God by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania., 1966,Watchtower Bible and Tract Book contains the chronology started with CT Russell thru Rutherford then thru Mr. Organization President Nathan Knorr.

Knorr was into running the business whereas Franz was the Oracle who wrote the book in 1966
Life Everlasting in Freedom Of The Sons of God.

Frederick Franz 5th President preached the
end of the 6000 years of mankind's history would come to an end in
October 1975 . And the 1st You Tube Video Is The Voice and pictures of Franz preaching about 1975.

It is well documented in this book, now off the minds of JW's, since it proves 1975 was not the over enthusiastic reaction by the worldwise flock, but rather a very specific message driven into Jw's in 1966 by Franz and endorsed by Knorr.

How could Gods Holy Spirit be so wrong so many times in the last 135 years?

It because the spirit that guides JW's is NOT the Spirit of God, its another spirit that deny's the blood of Christ's sacrifice to anyone born after 1935. Keep reading...

No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

"The Society's publications has revealed that there is a spiritistic foundation to the teachings of Charles Taze Russell, and his writings continue to this day to influence the direction in which the Governing Body is taking the organization. I believe the Society's basic message about a kingdom government born in heaven in 1914 is completely out of harmony with the simple teaching of the Bible that when Jesus returns "every eye will see him." (Revelation 1:7) I do not want to be classed by God as accursed for accepting or teaching a so-called "good news" that is different from what the apostles taught. -- Galatians 1:8.

Russell's belief in pyramidology is the basis for his date setting. He said the last days began in 1799, Christ's presence began in 1874, the heavenly resurrection began in 1878, the heavenly calling ended in 1881, and the end of the world and the resurrection of "the anointed on earth" would take place in 1914. All his prophecies failed, yet the Society still holds to the 1914 date, but with a different application. The Society claims this date is established by Bible chronology that starts with the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 BC. However, not even one reputable scholar agrees with the Society that Jerusalem was destroyed that year. So, in the face of all this scholarly opposition, the Society unashamedly claims its own scholarship is superior. Due to Russell's and Rutherford's practices of spiritism, millions of Jehovah's Witnesses are banking on Armageddon to come within the next few years. Just as Russell and Rutherford deceived the "International Bible Students" in their day, the teachings of the Governing Body are deceiving Jehovah's Witnesses today.

Nathan H. Knorr was also addicted to spiritualism. As shown in the May 27, 1942 issue ofConsolation, Knorr and the Society went to court over a silly matter having to do with their fanciful belief in "the King of the East, and the Chief King of the Sunrising," calling for Rutherford to be buried at "Beth-Sarim" at sunrise! Knorr lost the case, but his action postponed Rutherford's burial for three and a half months after he died! And since Fred Franz was a prominent member of the Society during the presidencies of Rutherford and Knorr, I have to conclude that he too was a spiritualist. No wonder his prophecies on the world's end for the 1940's and for 1975 did not come true. Nor will his prediction regarding the "generation" of Matthew 24:34. Incidentally, though we have often thought of Fred Franz as some sort of amazing Bible and language scholar, in the door-to-door work I have met rural church pastors and Sunday school teachers who I believe know just as much Bible Hebrew and Greek as he did. -- Matthew 24:23-26, 44.

The Society claims to be an advancing into more and greater light, but over the decades it has bounced back and forth on doctrine. The true God speaks and teaches eternal truths, but not the Watchtower Society..With Him there is never a variation or a shadow of a turning. -- James 1:17." Excerpts from resignation letter to WTB+TS Jw's , written by Frank J. Toth after50 years a Watchtower slave. Source

After all this spirit picked 5 false prophets who were interested in profit from selling subscriptions,and books, CT Russell, Rutherford, Knorr and Frederick Franz, And Milton Henschell all false prophets.

He's why they were wrong...

“If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true,

that is a message the Lord has not spoken.

That prophet has spoken presumptuously. (Deut. 18:22).

“But the prophet who prophesies peace

will be recognized as one truly sent by the Lord

only if his prediction comes true” (Jer. 28:9).

The bottom line is that all made predictions that never came true, (its a matter of written record forever on the Internet.

1874,1914,1925,1975, and most currently 1994 that the "Generation" the was alive 1914 would se the end of the conclusion of the sysytem of things.

Anyone who was at an age of understanding you stated 15 years of age in 1914 would now be 97 years of age.

So I asked? How many times can the holy spirit be wrong? It picked four false prophets, who had people like you as Watchtower Slaves going door to door in a zombie like trance to be a one of Joseph's Witnesses The 2nd President is the one who changed the name to Jehovah's Witnesses.

And by the time I was done they looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming MAC TRUCK.

And I introduced myself and I shook each of their hands and then I question the big heavyset guy in his 55-59's But I invited them back anytime they would like to chat about these topics I have researched for 46 years.

I recall the conversation in closing..."And you say your name is Daryl, Daryl whats your last name I know a Daryl who was a JW in this city and I said take of your glasses so I can see your eyes."

And he took off his dark glasses where he was hiding on an overcast day in cold December 2010.

And he proceeded to give me his last name his initials are DD. Yes I remember him from 1990.

And although he couldn't remember my face my name rang a bell for him, and I am sure he took note to go and find out who I am.

But I invited him to come back and he we can talk , now he said " as long as we stick on one subject I don't want to jump all around"

DUH DARYL am I talking too fast for you, the facts are written in print over the last 135 years and thats what we shall discuss, not the bible...we will discuss whether JW's have the truth when its whole history is based on lies.

Come on down, I will always be here to talk with you about the 4 Presidents Failed Prophesies and more. I wonder if he comes back? I'll keep you posted.

I'm pretty sure he went back to the Kingdom Hall to do some research, and if he views me as an apostate he will mark the house and never return.

But if he has any back bone at all and believes he has the Truth, then he will be back and I will share the internet knowldge that is opening the eyes of the Watchtower Slaves.

Slaves bang on your door and mine out of fear of God's wrath at Armageddon while praying for everlasting life here on the earth not heaven. That's why they knock on your door, they are working out their salvation and following Joes Organization and NOT Jesus Christ.

Now if you enjoyed that little story and you want to read the mountain of research that I have done on this topic , simply scroll down and watch the You Tube videos for some mind opening information. And also look thru the list of topics on the left side of this blog.

I cover topics about this Watchtower Organization and their religious zealots and volunteers and being Watchtower Slaves generate hundreds of millions of dollars for this man made publishing organization.

On a happier note...I learned today that I won an iPad in a contest that I entered.
I'm delighted to say the least. I count that as a blessing. I wanted an iPad but couldn't justify the $700.00 cost (taxes in) So when I learned about the win I decided to reflect and count my blessings that came to me after I broke rank with JW's.

This has been a great recovery year for my business affairs after going thru the worst recession since the great depression of 1929. Business is doing very well.

The health of the writer is very good, financial investments have all increased on the stock market and so have my real estate holdings and new acquisitions in investment properties.

My circle of friends have grown and we are planning trips to Sarasota Florida leaving boxing day and returning Jan 16th 2011.

We have family and friends who enrich our lives and we look forward to spending time with them over Xmas Holidays.

I wish you all the best health wealth and happiness for this Holiday Season.

TSJ Websmaster

Check Out These Videos, and Be Amazed By JW Twisted Ideas

607 BCE Another Wrong Prediction

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