Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Short Warranty Story That May Help Someone

This week I learned that one of my flat screens was broken and would not turn on.
I purchased the flatscreen in July 2008 from Costco. It has seen limited use over the last 2 years and 10 months, because it has hung on the wall of my vacation property. So I was shocked that it appeared dead.

After researching the internet I determined that this was a manufacturer defect.
I called Samsung and they listened to my story, and after they put me on hold a couple of times, they returned to the phone an said the unit is not in warranty, the warranty is only 12 months.

Samsung 32 LCD Model LN32A330J1DXZC would not switch on.
The red light would be on (standby mode) but tv will not turn on. No picture No sound.

BUT...fax us the proof of purchase along with model numbers etc. and we will authorize a 1 time inspection to see if the problem is the $1.77 capacitor. I was authorized to take it to a dealer for the inspection. And so I did.

And what did they find?
It was the capacitor and the repair was completed and didn't cost me .01.

Kudo's to Samsung Canada!

As mentioned I read on the internet that lots of other people have had this problem and that it was
defective electrolytic capacitor in the power supply and that was the internet was best tool to allow me to get a solution outside of warranty.

And so I have posted this blog today in the hope that others may benefit from the experience.

Samsung is right-most of the time the issue you have is caused by a defective electrolytic capacitor in the power supply.The capacitor location is CM861.this is a 2200uF/10V electrolytic filter capacitor,located on the upper side of the power supply board,close the the cable that connects the main board.

If you have minimum electronic repair and soldering experience you will be able to replace it yourself.Just take off the back cover,then remove the power board,several screws around the board.Then unsolder the CM861,and replace it with same value and voltage rating.I hope this helps,

See below please:

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