Saturday, July 9, 2011

Villa Vellano Shooters Standings Knute S.New High Record15 Can Kills

Top Shooter 17 In One Night!

The VillaVellano 2011 Target Shooting Tournament

.177 Pellet Rifle with Scope
65 feet Target Is A Soda Can

Teresa E. Stoney Creek 16 Bullseye Poland
Knute S Oakville 15 Bullseye Germany
Fd Mississauga 14 Bullseye Canadian/Italian
Ross M Toronto 9 Bullseye British
Joe H. Mississauga 8 Bullseye Pakastani
Phil Stoney Creek 7 Bullseye Isreal
Dick S. Rochester NY 6 Bullseye USA
Lorus Thorold 4 Bullseye Italy
Sandy B Georgetown 3 Bullseye Scot and Brit
Pierre Mississauga 2 Bullseye France
Sam C. Niagara Falls On. 2 Bullseye Italy
Angela B Oakville 1 Bullseye First Female Italy
MaryV Mississauga 1 Bullseye Italy

Yet to qualify:

Jim M. Brooklin
Rob D. Etobicoke
Bruce V.Whitby
Greg G. Georgetown
Simone G. Georgetown
Mike M Wasaga Beach
Dennis M Mississauga
Stefan S Toronto
Rens R Collingwood
Antoni G Sarnia

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