Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Genius of Mauricio Cattelan on display at Guggenheim museum

Mauricio Cattelan was born in padua in 1960.
Cattelan did not attend art school but taught himself.
he worked as a cook, gardener, nurse and mortuary
attendant, before turning to making art with the hope that the
art world might offer him ‘better treatment’.
he began his creative adventures by making furniture
for his apartment - ‘functional furniture with art meaning’.
his designs were nothing special, he says, but they sparked
a lot of interest among italian magazine editors and
manufacturers. cattelan felt that designing was not right
for him, and an early show in bologna proved to be a
turning point.
today he is one of the best-known italian artist to have
emerged internationally in the 1990s, and his reputation
continues to grow.

Maurizio Cattelan’s art often combines sculpture and
performance. Cattelan has a subtle sense of the paradoxes
of transgression, the limits of tolerance.
since the early 1990s, his work has provoked and challenged
the limits of contemporary value systems through its use
of irony and humor.

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