Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mars Landing Best In History

  • NASA releases new Curiosity rover images from Mars - 29 minutes ago
    NASA released new images of Mars from its Curiosity rover Wednesday as the mobile scientific laboratory set out to familiarize itself with its ...
    'Spectacular' Mars footage gives scientists peek into journey facing ...National Post
    Curiosity sends new black-and-white pictures from MarsCTV News
    Mars Rover Curiosity: A Complete Guide to Tagging Along OnlinePCWorld
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  • Mars landing makes star of rocket scientist - 2 hours ago
    NASA has landed a rover on Mars, and we have a man with a ... The Curiosity rover touched down on Mars during the weekend after an ...
    First color 'Curiosity' images from Mars ignite
    All eyes on Mars... and 'Mohawk Guy' (blog)
    Mars Rover 'Mohawk Guy' a Space Age Internet
    OCRegister - Firstpost
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  • Clearer Mars images from Curiosity coming soon, NASA says - 21 hours ago
    Mars enthusiasts underwhelmed by some of the first dusty images of the planet to be beamed back to Earth by the Curiosity rover that landed ...
  • NASA's Mars Curiosity rover sends first colour image back to Earth

    National Post - 16 hours ago
    NASA's Curiosity rover beamed back its first colour photo of Mars from the ancient crater where it landed Tuesday morning. The tilted image ...

    National Post
  • Mars Rover vs. the water car

    Toronto Sun - 20 hours ago
    While American engineers had to rely on the evidence of images sent back from Mars to confirm and validate their accomplishment, the ...
  • Life on Mars: Rover landing gives boost to Canadian tech sector

    Globe and Mail - 19 hours ago
    Canadian scientist eager to begin 'detective work' with Mars rover ... The point of this NASA mission is to discover whether Mars can support life ...

    Globe and Mail
  • Mars rover Curiosity sends back new photos

    Washington Post - 2 hours ago
    Aug. 8, 2012 - NASA's Curiosity rover is sending back video and pictures of its landing on Mars. (/CBS News) Correction: Clarification: E-mail · Save/Share ...
  • Mars rover captures nearby rocket 'footprint'

    CNN - 3 minutes ago
    (CNN) -- The Mars rover Curiosity successfully raised the mast that holds many of its instruments Wednesday, giving controllers a view of the ...
  • Mars rover Curiosity is big hit -- Mars movies are big flops

    Los Angeles Times - 10 hours ago
    The successful landing of the rover Curiosity on Mars on Sunday night captured America's imagination in a way that few positive news events ...

  • Mars and taxes

    Washington Post - 6 hours ago
    “The rover ushers in a new era of exploration that could turn up evidence that the Red Planet once had the necessary ingredients for life — or ...
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