Monday, October 15, 2012

Bogus Hoax Email- Ontario Health Commitee

TORONTO - An email with bogus information about healthcare changes originally targeting the Obama administration, has now moved north with Dalton McGuinty’s name replacing that of the US president.
The email, which is being forwarded to people in Ontario claims that an ethics committee will now decide whether people over the age of 75 will receive life saving procedures. 
It quotes a Dr Suzanne Allen, head of the “Wilson Medical Center in Toronto” as saying some elderly patients will no longer be accepted for dialysis treatment because of cutbacks.

Liberal MPPs have been receiving calls from concerned constituents who have read the e-mail.

“We’re aware of this email hoax. It is unacceptable to frighten patients with patently false information” said Ministry of Health spokesperson Zita Astravas. 
According to the internet rumour busting website Snopes, Dr Allen works for the Johnson Medical Centre in Tennessee and never said any of the things reported in the email about Barack Obama’s changes to US Medicare, let alone anything about Ontario.

The McGuinty Liberals are currently embarking on a transformation of healthcare to try and reduce costs.

The government is also engaged in a high profile fight with Ontario doctors about the reduction of fees that doctors can charge OHIP.

None of the claims in the bogus email are being made by the Ontario Medical Association.

Read it on Global News: Global Toronto | Bogus e-mail circulating in Ontario about life-saving procedures for elderly 

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