Monday, September 23, 2013

Buyer Beware: National Home Service (NHS) Part of Just Energy, a Toronto Stock Exchange listed firm

“A person came to the door asking if I wanted to get a new thermostat to help with energy efficiency. He called that night to see if I’d be available for the installation the next day,” she said.
She said yes to the thermostat and signed a document she thought was to confirm receipt. Later, she got a bill from National Home Service (NHS).
Part of Just Energy, a Toronto Stock Exchange listed firm, NHS had signed her up to a five-year rental contract.
“At $16.89 a month for five years, I would pay $1,013.40 — for a thermostat. The price to buy it out was $545. Surely, anybody in their right mind would not have signed on to this contract,” she said.
Ontario consumers will get stronger protection and more rights when dealing with door-to-door sales of water heaters.
Bill 55, which passed second reading this month, will give you 20 days to change your mind after signing a water heater rental contract at the door. Suppliers can’t charge fees to remove equipment installed in that time.
The Ontario government received 1,835 complaints and inquiries about water heater rentals in 2013. It’s the second highest category of complaints after collection agencies.

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