Friday, December 6, 2013

Top Ontario court has ruled that a woman cannot claim a $97,500 life insurance policy

A top Ontario court has ruled that a woman cannot claim a $97,500 life insurance policy because the application by her late partner contained inaccurate information about his health.
This decision by the Ontario Superior Court again highlights the importance of correctly answering health-related questions on insurance applications. You may think you are protected once a policy is issued, but that is not the case. This is because the insurance company might only check the details when you make a claim. 

...The application also asked whether in the same period Foreman had been denied life or critical illness insurance, or had to pay a higher premium because of his health. Again, he answered no. But a later investigation by TD Canada Trust revealed that Transamerica had issued a life insurance policy at higher than normal premiums because of his health problems.
Foreman died from brain cancer on October 12, 2007, which was unrelated to any of the incorrectly answered health questions. However, TD Canada Trust refused to pay the policy proceeds because his death occurred within the 24 month “contestability period” after he completed the application.

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