Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Robert King Talks About Jehovah Witness End Of The World Prophecy

There are many websites that promote the NGO conspiracy theory. Their claims range from mere factual inaccuracies, such as the hopelessly wrong authors who claim the Watchtower “joined the UN” or “became a UN member” (which only countries can do, of course) — to the more clever individuals who twist the evidence, ignore select parts, and exploit emotions in order to promote their own agenda.

Robert King of Michigan, USA, believes himself to be a “watchman”, or prophet of God. On the Internet he goes by the name of “e-Watchman”. He believes he was predicted to appear in the scriptures as a modern-day fulfillment of the prophet Ezekiel. In his own words, he describes his supposed transformation this way:

“...a few years ago I had an intense, life-altering spiritual experience that very few of Jehovah's Witnesses living today can relate to. For lack of a better term, I became born again, as Jesus worded it. I refer to it as 'my little change.' It was like reading the Bible for the first time. Everything seemed fresh and new, as if, like Paul described, scales had fallen from my eyes, so as to see things in a new light.”

King went on to write scores of essays detailing how the Watchtower Society has fallen from God's favor and is to be destroyed — partly due to the NGO issue. He calls Jehovah's Witnesses “liars”, “Baal-worshipers”, and “spiritual adulterers”. Despite all of this, King falsely claims to be a:

“...devoted Jehovah's Witness”

Yes — despite all he writes against Jehovah's Witnesses, he attracts members to his sect by hiding the truth. Any new reader to his website is deliberately given a specially crafted false impression of him. They are fooled into thinking he is a loyal and faithful Jehovah's Witness who is simply “re-examining” our prophetic interpretations. This false front has lured many spiritually weak worshipers of Jehovah into his way of thinking.

What Robert King plays down is the fact he was disfellowshipped for apostasy in 2005 and he did not get his ideas from any “little change” sent from heaven. We believe his teachings were copied from the writings of an Alabama man named Donald Burney. Most of King's teachings are identical to Burney's — with some copied almost word-for-word, using the same phrases, sentence-structures, and even step-by-step arguments appear in the same order. Interestingly, the man we say he copied his teachings from does not believe himself to be a mere prophet, but Burney believes that he is Jesus Christ — yes the Messiah (the claims vary, sometimes he merely claims to be equal in importance to the Messiah). After reading this man's ideas, in 2002 Robert King set up a website to promote his own version of those ideas, and declared himself a “watchman” who is “serving Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society”.

Soon a few Jehovah's Witnesses and former Witnesses were persuaded by his writings and joined with him in arguing that due to the NGO status, the Watchtower Society is now spiritually unclean, has committed “spiritual adultery”, and will shortly be destroyed by Jehovah God. His website simply became an online sect. In time, quite a few of these sect members became “anointed” — with some even claiming to have seen and heard strange things from angels, and at least one now wondering whether she receives messages from God in her dreams. Above Source

Robert King Says..."All indications are that the nations are preparing for world war; most likely a war involving the use of weapons of mass destruction, at least on a limited scale. This will signal that the conclusion of the system of things has begun. During the conclusion Christ will dispatch his angels who will uproot faithless and wicked men from the congregation of Christ. The faith of Jehovah's Witnesses will be tested due to their belief that the conclusion began in 1914 and that Christ has already cleansed the house of God. "


Are JW's False Prophets?


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