Monday, June 8, 2015

Quickbooks Stops Downloading From Your Canadian Bank? Here's Why!

After spending hours searching and reading every blog where people claimed to have a work-around for the message of death 

"Quickbooks unable to verify financial institution, Please try again later "

Nothing works and here is the reason...

I determined that effective June 1 2015 Quickbooks is NOT supporting 3 year old software i.e. 2012 for easy downloading into your desktop software. Go figure. 

The bottom line is that Quickbooks wants you to buy the online subscription and its going to cost at a minimum $14.50/month

And if you have multi companies (4 )  then you will be forced to pay a subscription for each company (with a limited multi company discount).

So the work around is to get away from quickbooks altogether OR buy the desktop software which will be unsupported in 3 years and require upgrade again.

The cost for me the last time I purchased the QB2012 was 149.00+tax this time its $299.00+tx OUCH

Staples  $299.00

Costco   $289.00

Lowest Price Quickbooks  2015 $279.99

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