Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stephen Colbert Vs Bill Maher Dual Genius Battles ...FULL INTERVIEW

Bill Maher Jabs Stephen Colbert Over Religion: ‘Silly Stories’ Don’t Dictate My Faith

" You Can't Say Shit But You Can Say Fuck"  Bill Maher Ask Stephen Colbert

Late Show host Stephen Colbert may have followed Friday’s speechless sign-off with a rousing show of support for France on Monday, but his playful back-and-forth with guest Bill Maher over religion was the highlight of the night.
“At a dinner party, you should never talk about sex, politics or religion. Have you ever been invited to a dinner party in your life?” Colbert joked.
Maher enjoyed the mild banter enough to banter back, noting that he wouldn’t be invited to Colbert’s dinner party because the two men are “very opposite.”
“Really?” asked Colbert with an obvious air of sarcasm. “How so?”
Maher pointed out how, despite their both being raised Catholic, he was an atheist whereas Colbert was a practitioner of his religion. Or as Colbert subsequently corrected him, “I am, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it.”
Cue Colbert’s half-serious, mostly-jokey attempt to convert Maher back to Catholicism and welcome his troubled soul into the arms of organized religion once more.
“Come on back, Bill. The door is always open. Golden ticket right before you. All you have to do is humble yourself before the presence of the lord, admit there are things greater than you in the universe that you don’t understand and salvation awaits you.”
“I do admit there are things in the universe I do not understand,” said Maher. “But my response to that is not to make up silly stories.”
It’s all fun and games, to be honest. Yet judging by Maher’s initial surprise, it seems Colbert’s willingness to stretch the line of questioning as far as he did wasn’t necessarily planned in advance.

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