Thursday, January 20, 2011

CBS FIRES AJ COOK Over Money Criminal Minds

CBS decided it was time to, in their words "refresh" the veteran show. AJ Cook's contract option was not picked up at all thus firing her and Paget Brewster's role was reduced to a lesser number of episodes for the upcoming season. Cook negotiated to come back for 2 episodes (which finished flming yesterday) so she could bring closure to her JJ character, while Brewster renegotiated her contract so that she will appear in 10 out of 13 which transltes into her appearing 17 episodes out of the overall 22 or 23 that this season will have. She will still remain in theopening credits and retain her "regular cast member" status. Brewster later stated via her twitter page that while she will be back, this will be her last season on the show. CBS described their decision to do this as "creative reasons" one in their effort to, again "refresh" the show. CBS also stated that a new female FBI agent will be introduced later in the season as a recurring character with the possibility of her becoming a regular cast member.

All of the cast, with exception of Shemar Moore who does not have a twitter account, voiced their displeasure and shock at CBS's decision and have stood by Brewster and Cook throughout all this. Ed Bernero has stated he did and does not agree with the network's decision but he has no say or control over the actor's contracts as both Cook and Brewster are employed by CBS while he is employed by ABC who co-owns the show with CBS.

CBS stated it had nothing to do with money and everything to do with taking the show in another direction. However, many fans believe the complete opposite and Brewster stated on her twitter page that "creative reasons" has always been a bullsh*t executive excuse b/c it is and always is about money.

Fans started a petition ( ) which currently has 47,000 plus signatures and continues to grow. Even though CBS has stood firm on their decision to fire and reduce these two women fans conintue to sign the petition, urge people to continue spreading the word and getting others to sign.

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