Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The newest app for Google Glass, 'Field Trip,' displays data about destinations right before your eyes.

Here's another reason to covet Google Glass: it can serve as your personal tour guide.

One of the early so-called Glassware apps to arrive on on the search giant's high-tech eyewear, Field Trip becomes available today to the 10,000 or so Google's Glass Explorers. Those early adopters paid $1,500 to get the first pairs off the production line; final consumer models are expected in 2014.

Available for free as an Android app for a year -- and for Apple iOS devices for about six months -- Field Trip delivers location-based information about neighborhoods, cities and countries based on your interests. However, the app's full potential is unleashed on Glass, says John Hanke, vice president of Niantic Labs, which is a startup firm within Google.

Viewing information through Glass, he says, "is less distracting because it keeps your eyes free, which is the whole idea, that you can actually see the thing in front of you."

Field Trip uses GPS information to provide you facts about your environment, whether it's interesting tourist spots, landmarks and historic sites or -- for a local -- new restaurants and night clubs. As you make your way, say along a city street, small "card" of information marking important sites pop up on Glass.


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