Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford The Ultimate Bobblehead

Several hundred people lined up for hours to buy a bobblehead figurine of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Part of the $20 cost went towards the City of Toronto United Way Employee Campaign.

Ford promised he’d be back Wednesday selling Ford Nation t-shirts, also for $20 with an undeclared amount of the proceeds going to the United Way.

Those lined up had assorted plans for the collector’s item, dozens of which were already being resold online. One seller in Etobicoke is asking for $25,000: “only 1,000 sold, it will be worth millions one day. Only crack-smoking mayor in the world.”
Another seller, looking for $500 promised the money would go to a charity dealing with addiction: a “win-win for everyone, even Rob Ford.”


Rob Ford has been asked in a letter signed by 30 of Toronto's 44 city Councillors to take a leave of absence.


Thirty of Toronto's 44 city councillors have signed an open letter asking Mayor Rob Ford to take a leave of absence.
Councillor Jaye Robinson read the letter on the council floor on Wednesday morning. In a dramatic and unprecedented display, the councillors who signed the letter rose one by one as she listed their names. Ford stared straight ahead and did not speak.


The results of the Vote 37-5 to ask Mayor Ford to take a leave of absence



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