Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When Did EasyWeb become TD Hardweb

TD Easyweb Designers Screw Up By Removing Nicknames Option!

Have you tried to login lately? Today you will find that all your nicknames have been removed and you will have your ATM numbers for account access in the drop down menu but NO NICKNAMES associated with the accounts.  Hope you have a great memory for 13 digit numbers when you select an account because otherwise you will waste a ton of time logging in.

So the question is:

Where did the easyweb OLD login screen go?

Any business or personal that has multiple green ATM cards and accounts will need to reconfigure each account to allow you easy access like you had before for online banking.

This is a terrible, time consuming mess. Typical of web designers who know NOTHING of the Customer experience. They come up with some NEW idea to justify the redesign and it turns the TD EasyWeb into The TD HardWeb.

All clients using Easyweb should be outraged, the writer tried for 2 days to navigate a solution
and finally decided to call in. It took 2 hrs of my time to learn the solution and make the changesto all business and personal accounts.

After the telecall to Customer Agent the Agent AND writer learned that some web designer decided that they would eliminate the nickname option, this is ludicrous.99% of all clients will NOT be able to do this without hand holding by a knowledgable customer service agent.

The steps needed for Each Green ATM Access Card Personal/Business:

  1. Login To Easyweb select the account from menu, add password enter dashboard
  2. Customize Web Option, locate the user name update field for green card 
  3. Create a user name save then log out 
  4. Sign in with the exact user name and password, then sign out again 
  5. You should see the user name just created for 1 card
  6. Locate the number for the Card in the Drop Down Menu 
  7. Remove that cards ATM green card number from the menu , 
  8. The truncated user name now appears. 
This web design is flawed, 
TD Bank 
Techies screwed this up royally 
Heads should roll!

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