Thursday, March 5, 2015

Do you agree with these sentiments? But does Meryl Streep?

Origins:   Popular quotations need famous mouths, history has proved time and again: If you want people to pay attention to a statement, the odds that they will do so are greatly enhanced if those words seemingly issued from mind and lips of someone they know and respect. Thus it was not surprising when the following quotation exploded across the Internet in July 2014 after they were attributed to Meryl Streep, the critically acclaimed actress who has received more Academy Award nominations (18) than any other actor or actress, and has won three Academy Awards, twice in the Best Actress category and once in the Best Supporting Actress category: 

As far as we can tell, the earliest Facebook reposting of Teixeira's words that incorrectly credited them to Meryl Streep occurred on the page of Tuncluer Textiles on 15 July 2014, and the quote went viral in that form after being combined with a photograph of Meryl Streep and published on the Romanian-language "Ioadicaeu's Blog" on 31 July 2014. The photo used to accompany the text in the example version at the head of this page was one that appeared in the Facebook post by Obvious Magazine that Teixeira referenced in his own Facebook post.


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