Friday, March 13, 2009

Bernie Madoff (prisoner # 61727054) Goes to Jail

Bernie Madoff (prisoner # 61727054) Goes to Metropolitan Correctional

March 12, 2009 ·

Bernard Madoff goes to jail after the judge revokes Bernie’s bail today before gearing up for the Bernie Madoff trial. The Bernie Madoff fraud and ponzi scheme has run out of it’s rainbow. For more on the court proceedings visit Bernie Madoff Goes To Jail.

Bernie pleads guilty, Madoff news hits the roof! However, Bernie Madoff has more than just time to contend with, he has inmates awaiting his arrival. Bernie is headed to maximum security and if the guards do not like Bernie, it’s going to be quite a playground for the inmates.

However what happens to Bernie first? Bernie will be walked down an underground tunnel until he arrives to a secured location. Bernie will go through processing, unclothe for the strip search, and folks this is not walk in the park with a quick jab. Bernie will most likely will begin sorrow when realizing his high-style clothes are null and void along with his dignity (if he has any). After a couple of quick dips, Bernie is going to be placed into his new duds, nothing like he is accustomed to which may cause skin conditions in the long run. That’s just the beginning of hell. What else?

Bernie is going to wish he never messed with the O.P.P. (other people’s property). But what about those inmates?

It is said that the inmates also go through financial difficulties during these hard economic times and is not getting what they used to from family members and loved ones for the most part. It’s a two way street. Either Bernie could symbolize one of the reasons why this financial slump is spiraling downward or Bernie would use his skills to help others financially through “guidance” as a good-will call.

If Bernie Madoff is not such a great hit in prison, criminals can play down and dirty. Far worst than Bernie could ever imagine. Just don’t drop that soap Bernie! What is Madoff’s prison number? Here is Bernie Madoff’s prison number 61727054. Special thanks to Fox News for that one!

All of this truly depends on how the guards like Bernie Madoff. No matter what others say, guards can make their own rules based on the attitudes of others, and if Bernie seems a tad out of line, they can do whatever they want to him. So, is Bernie going to be alone a lot? Probably so in the long run since the jail system pretty much knows what could go down. And placing a guy away from any human contact completely can create madness of the mind.

It’s only a matter of time before Bernie Madoff goes mad.

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